Monday, May 14, 2012

Good Widows

OooOO , Kedah oohh Kedah.

Have been busy with things lately. Normal things like finishing up assignments. I'm now assignment free ! Wohhoo ! I can just chill and relax till the week before my finals starts ;)

So , me and my friends went for a camping trip last weekend. We went to Janda Baik , Pahang for 2 nights and 3 days. Its a program for Felda's 2nd Generation which means that students whose  father/mother works for Felda . Me and my friends have nothing to do with Felda. We were pirates acting like marines LOL.

All and all , it was a fun trip. There's a river right behind our dorm. We can just jump in any time we feel like it. Janda Baik was very cooling. The programs were mostly talks about Felda's history and teaching us the ways to earn a good living. Really interesting you know. Never knew that Felda was such a success. They became rich by planting rubber , oil palm and other plants. They're like one of the companies that paid Bank Negara a lumpsum of what they borrowed before the date line. Some of their pioneer's are millionaires now.  

Besides listening to talks , we also got to play paintball ! Was really excited since it was my first time. There were 127 of us and they divided us into 2 big groups. So there was 50 on each side. And the war begins. It was crazy ! Felt as if I was in world war. We were running here and there and one by one of us getting shot LOL. Bullets were  flying everywhere ! I got head-shot from a far distance. I didn't even know where the bullet came from LOL. Was really worth it la. Played non-stop for like an hour and a half. 

We also ate non-stop . It was like a holiday. Eat , sleep , listen to talks , sleep , mandi sungai , sleep and sleep haha. Made a move on Sunday noon and reached campus at midnight. KO-ed and woke up late. Only managed to go to 1 class today LOL. Exams are coming , better start revising ! Till then ;)

Owh yeah , Happy Mothers day Mama !
You know I love you like crazeyyhh ! LOL ;)

A RedzaRox Production ;)

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