Friday, May 25, 2012

One After Another.

Taking ecstasy is like taking ice cream scoops from your brain.

Its almost the end of semester 2. Most of my classes are over and done but I made it ALL over already LOL. Have been staying in my room practically 24/7 , occupying myself with a few series of TV shows.

It all started out with the Pokemon series. I then watched the whole season of Suits. Really nice show. A story bout lawyers and how the solve/win cases. A dude who is frigging smart but doesn't have any qualification. The lawyer wanted to hire him but the firm only hires Harvard graduates. So they came to a plan to lie about it. Watching the way they do and get away with things is just amazing. There's 12 episodes for the first season. I'm waiting for season 2 !

I then tried following Alcatraz . A series about prisoners who escaped and comes back 50 years later without even aging. So this detective tries to catch them. Its more of a CSI kinda story which is so not my cup of tea lerr. Watched only 2 episodes and I was bored already.

Weeds ! Yeah , I know its an old series. But woohooo ! Finally found something that can occupy my time here.  Took all 7 seasons from a friend of mine. I've watched 3 seasons non stop. 4 more to go. Its such an interesting story. A single mother who has 2 kids , earns a living by selling weed. All sorts of conflicts and dramas !

My head tells me that I'm not gonna start studying until I finish all 7 seasons. Better get going LOL.

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