Friday, June 15, 2012

Midst of a war.

Ya ku masih gigih bekerja lagi
Ku takkan dipecat ku ada sebab di sini
Ingin capai bintang dan sekarang ku di ruang galaksi
Kalau ada silap ‘Maafkan Kami – P.Ramlee

Just a lil something I made. Helps me kill boredom LOL 

Waddup my imaginary readers ! LOL. Didn't update for quite sometime because I am in the middle of a war now , Final semester exam. Done with 3 papers and 4 more to go. My timetable this semester kinda sucks because there are huge gaps in between. Sums up to a total of 23 days of gap. That's like a month wasted here already -.- I seriously can't focus when the gap is too long. No matter how long the gap is , I'll never fail to only start studying the night before the exam. All this is due to procrastination ! 

My parents are really expecting me to like do well for this semester just because I managed to get DL for the last semester. This gotta stop man. Its adding pressure to myself. Yes , it is possible but I prefer them to think that I'm gonna fail so that they won't get upset if I don't score. 

Have been making lots of plan for my break already. Lots of plan means lots of cash needed. I seriously need to get myself a job during my break later. Can't expect my parents to like just give me everything I ask for just because I've sacrificed life and  been stuck here in Kedah LOL. 

Nothing much to talk about. Owh yeah , my sleeping cycle is real screwed up. Like an owl , I'll only be awake when the sun goes down and the stars comes up , la la la la la la LOL. But its a good thing , not that I have anything to do if I wake up. 

That's about it. Will come up with something else to talk about soon. Gotta start studying ! 3 papers back to back !  MAJOR papers ! 

Jangan kenal erti penat.
Selagi hidup , selagi tu perlu berusaha.

A RedzaRox Production ;)